The project website and socials are ready!

After designing the logo, a few important steps have been taken in the communication of LIFE Climate Forest. The website is ready and the social media channels have also been created. In short, everything is ready to show and tell as much as possible about the project.

Sharing knowledge is an important essence of LIFE Climate Forest. In addition to the information about climate-smart forest management and the way we will apply this in the project, the website also shows more about the demonstration forests and reference forests. Here we can demonstrate and show how a forest can be managed in a climate-smart way. What is involved, what the possibilities and opportunities are, and the dilemmas and challenges.

Keep updated

We will keep you informed about everything we undertake and realise within the project via the latest news and results, and you can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, where we will continuously share news items. And if you have any questions or if you are curious how you can join us and get started with climate-smart forest management, please feel free to contact us.

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