LIFE Climate Forest takes off!

After its approval in the autumn of 2020, LIFE Climate Forest is now really getting started. Initially, this means a lot of preparation, establishing contacts and working out the details. But the first milestones of the project are on the horizon.

For example, the project identity has been finalised, we are working intensively on the project website and the social media are prepared. Furthermore, in this phase we are establishing many valuable contacts at home and abroad, which will be very welcome during and after the project to realise the roll-out of climate-smart forest management to as many hectares as possible.

Working out the details

At this moment we are very busy concretising the project and working out all the details concerning the deployment of demonstration forests and reference forests. Sharing knowledge is an essential part of LIFE Climate Forest.

Seeing and experiencing for yourself

We think it is important that people can see and experience the possibilities and opportunities for themselves. That is why we work in the project with demonstration forests where we, together with managers, owners, policymakers, and other stakeholders, get to work with climate-smart forest management.

The reference forests show the first results, because here the management has already been carried out for some time to increase the resilience of the forest ecosystem. LIFE Climate Forest is continuing to work on this, so that effects will be clear and visible in the longer term.

We are now working out how and when we will share the knowledge. More about that soon!

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